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Updated: Jun 15

Amir Tsarfati: BREAKING NEWS: huge energy deal with Europe!

ITS ALL ABOUT ENERGY! Behold Israel with Amir Tsarfati


Behold Israel with Amir Tsarfati ~ (Isaiah 17)

Amir Tsarfati: Breaking News: Israeli strike on Damascus international Breaking News: Missiles were launched from the Golan Heights towards the International Airport of Damascus, Syria.

Isaiah 17:1-3

Proclamation Against Syria and Israel

1-The burden against Damascus.

“Behold, Damascus will cease from being a city,

And it will be a ruinous heap.

2- The cities of Aroer are forsaken;

They will be for flocks

Which lie down, and no one will make them afraid.

3- The fortress also will cease from Ephraim,

The kingdom from Damascus,

And the remnant of Syria;

They will be as the glory of the children of Israel,”

Says the Lord of hosts.


Amir Tsarfati: Breaking News: Israel just put Iran on notice!

ISRAEL HAS PUT IRAN ON NOTICE: Tune in for Amir’s breaking news update from Dubai! This detailed report reveals not only how close Tehran is to obtaining a bomb, but also Israel’s readiness to intervene, including preparing for the aftermath that will follow an inevitable strike on the Iranian nuclear program in the weeks ahead.


Putin DEMANDS Israel Hand Over Jerusalem Church; Meet Ukraine’s Warrior Pastor | Watchman Newscast

Custody of Jerusalem church a MAJOR priority for Putin? On today's Watchman Newscast, host Erick Stakelbeck

breaks down Russia’s Israel agenda and Putin’s BIG demand from Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett. Plus, a

Pastor fighting on the frontlines in Ukraine and sharing the Gospel with his fellow soldiers. Watch now on the Watchman Newscast!


Israel PRESSURED By Putin; Russia Backs Palestinians Over Temple Mount Clashes | Watchman Tensions rise between Israel and Russia. On today's Watchman Newscast, host Erick Stakelbeck unpacks the prophetic implications of Putin’s move to condemn Israeli

actions over clashes on the Temple Mount. Are future events described by the prophet Ezekiel beginning to take shape? Plus, Israel strikes Hamas targets in Gaza

in response to rocket fire. Watch now on the Watchman Newscast!


Amir Tsarfati: It's Not About Religion, Brother

As a child of God, we do not have to go through others or take qualifying steps to talk to our Father.

We don't need Mary to pray for us, nor does the Bible imply we should pray to her.

We don't need saints from the past to mediate for us. These are all man-made religious practices.

As someone who has received Christ through belief in Him, we have all the rights any other child of God has.


America and Armageddon (With Greg Laurie)

God doesn’t take delight in judging people, but we can be sure that when His judgment comes, it is always just and right.

In his new message, “America & Armageddon” Pastor Greg tells us that judgment comes only when God understands there is nothing left to say.

We will walk through all the events of Armageddon and how America fits into the end times.


Israel “PROVOKING” Russia in Syria? Russian Ambassador CONDEMNS Israel Airstrikes |Watchman Newscast

On today’s Watchman Newscast, host Erick Stakelbeck breaks down recent comments by a Russian Ambassador condemning Israeli airstrikes in Syria and accusing Israel of provoking Russia to respond. Are Israel and Russia headed for tense days ahead, as Moscow continues to align itself with Israel’s enemies, including the Iranian regime? Plus, Israel’s former Ambassador to the U.S., Michael Oren, sits down with Erick to explain how weak American leadership is endangering the stability of the Middle East and the world.


Behold Israel with Amir Tsarfati - Breaking News Breaking News live from London.

Arab Muslims celebrating Ramadan Celebrating islamic Ramadan is a month-long religious holiday for Muslims and they vow to wipe Israel off the map by July 8, 2022



Amir Tsarfati: Special Update: What’s Next in the Ukraine War?

Behold Israel with Amir Tsarfati

Join Amir for a special update discussing what’s next in the Ukraine War.


Behold Israel with Amir Tsarfati

Middle East Update: Israel - Iran: The War Before the War

Join Amir for a Middle East Update discussing Israel - Iran: The War Before the War.

Thursday, March 17th, 11:00 AM PST / 8:00 PM Israel


U.S. General WARNS Israel: Iran Has Over 3,000 MISSILES; Tel Aviv in Range | Watchman Newscast

“The greatest threat to the region’s security.” On today's Watchman Newscast, host Erick Stakelbeck weighs in on the bone-chilling intelligence revelation by a top U.S. general concerning Iran’s ballistic missile program and it’s growing threat to Israel. In addition, as negotiations resume, “written guarantees” from the United States that Western sanctions on Russia related to Ukraine will not affect Russia’s role in the Iran nuclear deal. How will these developments will have a significant impact on Israel?


Behold Israel with Amir Tsarfati

Join Amir Tsarfati, Jan Markell's Olive Tree Ministries, and Pastor Barry Stagner for a Prophecy Roundtable live on YouTube and Facebook as they discuss "Wars and Rumors of Wars."


Israel DESTROYS Iran Drone Fleet? Israel Targeted by Iran Cyberattack | Watchman Newscast:

Tensions in Tehran boil over as multiple threats escalate. On today's Watchman Newscast, host Erick Stakelbeck breaks down a report that Israel decimated an Iranian drone fleet in a recent airstrike amid a “massive cyberattack” that crashed Israeli government websites on Monday. Are we witnessing the shadow war between Israel and Iran in the Middle East quickly coming out of the shadows? And is Iran taking advantage of the Ukraine war to go on the offensive?


Tiff Shuttlesworth:

Is Ukraine In Final Bible Prophecy?

Today, Brother Tiff will be speaking about Ukraine and it's place in final Bible Prophecy.

Wars and rumors of wars are prophetic signs of the end times. Bible prophecy is a guide to the believer and a warning for the unbeliever. In bible prophecy, there is an explanation for what is happening to Ukraine. Listen as Brother Tiff explains what is happening to Ukraine and learn how you can have peace in God.



FEB-24-2022 Het Laatste Nieuws: Amir Tsarfati

https://youtu.be/lNFwXBVDSuE via @YouTube




THE DUSTY ROADS RADIO - https://www.geronimojames.com/

23.2.2022 Het Laatste Nieuws: Amir Tsarfati

Breaking News!! Feb 24, 2022 - https://youtu.be/7q2NMpN58c8 via @YouTube Russia-Ukraine-Iran-Syria-Israel


Behold Israel with Amir Tsarfati

Breaking News!! Feb 21, 2022 - https://youtu.be/okksW3kssQQ via @YouTube


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Russia Sends Warplanes & Hypersonic Missiles to Syria for MASSIVE Naval Drill | Watchman Newscast-https://youtu.be/1NZ1SbKNCaY via @YouTube

On today's Watchman Newscast. host Erick Stakelbeck breaks down Russia's major military moves in the Middle East, as the Russian military prepares to conduct its largest naval drills in the eastern Mediterranean Sea since the Cold War. Russia's Defense Minister met with Syrian president Bashar al-Assad today in Syria, where Russia has sent nuclear capable bombers and fighter jets equipped with hypersonic cruise missiles in advance of the massive naval drill. As all of this unfolds at Israel's doorstep, are there prophetic implications?

The Slaughter of Gog's Armies [Ezekiel 39:11-13]

And on that day I will give Gog a burial place in Israel, the Valley of the Travelers, east of the Sea. It will block those who travel through, because Gog and all his hordes will be buried there. So it will be called the Valley of Hamon-gog. For seven months the house of Israel will be burying them in order to cleanse the land. All the people of the land will bury them, and it will bring them renown on the day I display My glory, declares the Lord GOD...


The Coming Cashless Global Alliance

A cashless global alliance is found in Revelation 13. In this Teaching, Brother Tiff will read and explain from the Bible what this cashless global alliance means for people in the end times. Tiff will answer these 6 questions:

1. What does a cashless society look like? 2. Why would anyone want a cashless global alliance? 3. Are there any nations forcing a cashless society? 4. When will this cashless global alliance happen? 5. Did the Bible predict a cashless global alliance? 6. How close are we to a cashless global alliance?

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